4.1.1Francesca is one of my neighbours – a curious mixture of emotional instability and intellectual curiosity, but an  interesting commentator on life in Sicily.  She moved into Palermo’s historic centre only when she fell on hard times after the death of her husband; most of her married life was spent in one of the streets off Palermo’s via Liberta’, the area generally preferred by Palermo’s middle class.  Originally from the North of Italy, Francesca is acutely aware, and highly critical, of the very different mentality that, she says, exists in the South.  In this interview, she talks about her own background and her experience of Sicily and Sicilians. 

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Francesca, before we talk about your experience of Sicily and Sicilians, tell me a little bit about yourself and  your family.   

I was born in Trieste at the beginning of the Second World War, but both my parents originally came from Sicily.  My father was born in 1896 in Castelbuono, a town in the Madonie mountains east of Palermo, and my mother was born in 1897 in Messina.

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