A postscript to the note on Basile’s fence …

11 August, 2010

Whereas once I tended to dismiss concentration on detail as the preserve of the unimaginative, now I see it as a way of enriching one’s experience and reaching into the heart of things.

This morning, as I passed the Giardino Garibaldi, wondering vaguely how Basile had chosen the theme of the hunt for his fence design (see previous post) and what other ideas he might have had, I noticed a detail that previously had escaped me completely.  All of a sudden it was clear that what I had  previously taken to be merely ornamental loops joining the arrow-shaped railings are, in fact, representations of hunting bows.

Although not in itself an overwhelmingly important detail, I now felt I hadn’t fully appreciated Basile’s design before.  It seemed both more ingenious and more harmonious than I had previously thought.  

I  have a similar feeling whenever I discover that a word or image in a poem has another, previously unnoticed, significance: my experience and appreciation of the poem is enriched in much the same way as my experience of Basile’s design was enriched this morning when I discovered this detail.  

It may be that were I to understand the significance of the shield design that appears at the corners of the fence and beside the gates my appreciation of Basile’s design would be further enhanced.  But that is for another day!

2 Responses to “A postscript to the note on Basile’s fence …”

  1. CateM Says:

    I love it! I would never have noticed that. In fact it took me a little while to notice it in the photo even with your explanation. Thanks for the postscript!

    • kateludlow Says:

      I’m afraid the photo isn’t as clear as it might be – when you see the fence again I’m sure you’ll see the bows. I’m still surprised it took me so long to see them!

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