At last! A perfect cappuccino …

13 January, 2010

Finding a perfect cappuccino here is not as easy as you might imagine.  In Rome, every bar, even the most unprepossessing, seems able to achieve it.   Here, for some reason, they don’t.  This morning’s discovery of a perfect cappuccino is, therefore, worthy of note.    

The bar is  Bar Bruno, a simple little bar on the ground floor of Palazzo Petrulla, a 17th century rococo confection in via Torremuzza.  In the courtyard of the palace, you will find a tiny, vibrant Sicilian theatre, Teatro Ditirammu, the smallest theatre in Italy and well worth a visit.  More about it another time.  

It’s true I asked for a strong cappuccino this morning, un po’ scuro – something I would never have to do in Rome, but here it often helps.  But this morning the cappuccino that arrived was perfection – a rich coffee flavour with smooth, dense and creamy foam.  When I complimented the barista I was told “Ah, it’s the milk.  We use only the freshest milk”.  Whether or not that is the reason it was so good I have no idea, but I will be back.

3 Responses to “At last! A perfect cappuccino …”

  1. CateM Says:

    You’ll have to take me there next time!

  2. Antonio Says:

    You will have to take me there too! Sounds fabulous – as is this blog. The fortune teller was right and it is great your daughter got you started.

  3. kateludlow Says:

    It’s a deal! Thank you both for your comments – they are much appreciated.

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